We can now provide customers with mobile phone unlocking via remote code so there is no need to send us your phone!

Unlocking phones

All we need from you is payment for the code, the phone serial (IMEI) number and the network the phone is currently locked to (e.g. UK Orange). We will then send you via email the instructions for unlocking your phone by simply entering a sequence of letters and numbers into your Dct3/4 mobile phone keypad.

The cost of this is only £5 for one phone or discount will be given for quantities! We accept nochex.com, paypal.com, fastpay.com or Western Union payments for this service.

Sell your old phone

Turn your old mobile phone into cash - send it to us and we will send you 5 pounds for each complete phone or 3 pounds for any non-complete phone (complete phone denotes with mains charger). You can even sell the case from your old phone.

 There are an estimated 60 million redundant mobile phones in the UK, which are potentially hazardous to the environment. But they can be recycled, or reused, so by donating your old phone you will be supporting development programmes and the environment. We will make sure each handset is properly recycled and is re-used in a safe manner.