Marketing your business can be achieved in many different ways and with the internet having many opportunities you may forgo on more traditional methods. However when it comes to visibility the old newspaper ad or advertising board can still achieve great results.

Another concept that is very popular amongst businesses and the corporate world is personalised gifts and promotional gifts. These can be given away for free at trade fairs, as a reward for competition entry online or simply mobilising your work force to increase brand awareness everywhere they venture.

Of course, we understand that many companies, managers and directors do not have the required skill set or perhaps the time to initiate the design process. While at we provide an online phone case designer where you can upload your own images to a template and customise a phone case. The imagery matters.

You can take advantage of a service we offer online that enlists talented graphic designers and logo makers who will invest hours trying to make the best image for phone case promotion. The process is a simple one. On your behalf we will work with our team to devise an image based on your thoughts, company logo, additional graphics and company message.

The design team will provide several different image concepts that capture the true message of delivery. You may wish to keep it simple and showcase your logo with a phone related strapline. Or perhaps create a stunning infographic, associated company images or personalise each one for your employees.

If you wish to try out our online phone case designer interface first. It's better to do this in two stages. Firstly have a look around and browse the different layouts we have available. Then play around with text formats, fonts and messaging. After which, you can begin selecting images you feel best fit the event or marketing campaign.

You can resize all images within the interface, adjust and move images around until you find the perfect layout. Entering text in certain places and with regards to an employee's personalised phone case, if using our phone case designer service, an original image can then be be used as a background, on which you can place personal photos and their name.

If you are glued to a budget, there's good news in that we offer discounts on bulk orders. For information on initiating the design process, contact us for prices or read more here. Of course, all marketing spend has to be justified and corporate phone cases are not as cheap as pens or baseball caps.

The great thing about phone cases and the correct design approach is that the people receiving them will become your mobile message. Literally a tool that once embedded will travel the length and breadth of the country for several months. In addition to retaining the owner of the phone case as a loyal customer. Try out our online phone case designer here or use the image design service.